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Do you have a book available for purchase?


Click here for a full list of my titles. If you’re new to my work, I would recommend my latest poetry book, The Gift of Everything or my novel, Others Were Emeralds, coming out Fall 2023 with Harper Collins. 


How can I get featured on your Instagram? 


I love seeing photos of my readers and regularly feature them on my Instagram. If you’d like to be considered, upload a clear photo of you with one of my latest books and tag your post with #langleav  


Can I share your work?

I am happy for my work to be shared online, provided that it retains its original form and I am given credit. My work is protected under strict copyright law so please seek permission if you plan to use it for any other purpose

How do you pronounce your name?

My name is pronounced as Lang Leeyav.


Will you critique my work?

I am no longer offering critique as I get too many requests and I want to keep it fair for everyone. Thanks for understanding.​

Can I purchase a signed copy of your book? 

I no longer offer signed copies of my books but I often tour so make sure you check my Instagram for future events. 


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